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dPlan is a free online tool that will help you simplify the process of writing a disaster plan. Enter information about your institution using the comprehensive fill-in-the-blank template. This template will guide you through the steps necessary for effective disaster planning.


Once completed, dPlan generates a printed disaster plan specific to your institution. The resulting plan contains contact information for staff and key personnel, preventive maintenance checklists, salvage techniques, and much more. dPlan can be updated continuously to reflect the changes that occur at your institution.

In order to address a potential security issue, as of March 2015 the output system for dPlan has changed. The direct, online conversion to PDF from the output file generated from your information can no longer be supported. Now, the file generated from your output (a LaTeX file) can be downloaded using the Convert and Download link below. Once you have saved the LaTeX file to your desktop, your dPlan can be easily converted to an RTF file using the conversion option listed below. This RTF file can be opened and edited in your word processing program, or converted to PDF, if desired.

A LaTeX file is a document preparation system for high-quality typesetting. Click here to visit the LaTeX project site for more information about the LaTeX system.

Step 1. Convert and Download. Please be aware that it may take a moment to generate your plan.In the download window choose Save As and save the file to your computer

Step 2. Convert your LaTeX file to an RTF file using a free, online conversion tool, such as this one: http://www.sciweavers.org/free-online-pdf-converter. On this website scroll down to the conversion window and select I2Rtf to insert the file you downloaded to your desktop and press the Convert button.

Step 3. Open the RTF file in your preferred word processing program. At this point, the text can be edited and manipulated, or the document can be saved as a PDF.

This output system does not support the downloading of attachments along with the dPlan document. Therefore, the program will no longer accept uploading new appendices.

We realize that this maintenance process has been protracted and frustrating for dPlan users, and that the new dPlan output system is not ideal, and we apologize for this. The new method for dPlan document generation is a measure to ensure that you can access and retrieve necessary information while keeping that information secure. We are continuing to explore ways to do a direct conversion to PDF without the additional steps. Beyond this, recognizing that dPlan is about a decade old and technology has continued to develop and improve, we are in the process of planning a complete overhaul to provide a more efficient and streamlined experience. We hope that you share our excitement at this prospect!

If you have any questions as you are generating your dPlan, please do not hesitate to contact us at 978-470-1010, or you can email Kim O’Leary at koleary@nedcc.org.

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This online disaster-planning template was prepared by the Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC) and the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC). The development of the template was funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT).
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