Data Collection Forms

The Data Collection Forms are a printable version of the dPlan template questions. The disaster planning team should review the various elements of this planning tool before beginning to gather information. Each member of the planning team should be assigned responsibility for completing one or more of the sections in dPlan. The section(s) should correspond to their duties within the institution to the extent possible (e.g., facilities manager might work on the preventive maintenance checklist, each department head might work on salvage priorities for their collections). As each team member gathers the relevant information, it should be shared with the disaster planning team and then input into the dPlan template.

Please note: The Data Collection Forms document is 127 pages long! If you wish to print out a specific section, not the entire document, use the Data Collection Forms table of contents to determine the page or page range. Before printing, specify the page or page range (e.g., 1, 3, 5-12) in the Print box, then hit OK.

Data Collection Forms (pdf)

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